• Brokerbuck is a proprietary back-office technology platform that simplifies every aspect of real estate businesses


  • A single sign-on solution with hand-picked tools, a branding site with marketing assets, professionally-crafted videos and content, and a dashboard for managing transactions and clients.

How does Brokerbuck streamline your business?

Brokerbuck is your one-stop destination for all things related to your real estate business – call it operations central! This all-in-one, proprietary back-office technology platform simplifies every aspect of your business, from access to every site, including your customizable website that can turn leads into clients, to managing your business and keeping it growing.

Our proprietary user database and single sign-on solution is your one-stop shop for all CanZell has to offer. Hand-picked by our research team, these tools are the best in the business and will wow you and your clients with easy access to all resources with a single secure login. You can also work between multiple tools simultaneously. CanZell’s internal network houses all agent, broker, and office profiles, connecting all of your user information together. This gives you access to all of your partnership accounts, including KV core and Brokermint.

You will have a branding site with all the CanZell branding and marketing assets. Here, you can download high-quality files such as logos, fonts, images, and videos to enhance your marketing campaigns. You will find everything you need to customize digital and print materials to your liking.

Get professionally-crafted videos and content ready to share with your social network and impress potential clients. Download all the branding essentials for your business, including the listing presentation and email signature.

This program helps you manage transactions and clients easily with its intuitive dashboard. You can view your marketing, ownership stock, and revenue share in the dashboard. The Marketing Center ensures your marketing reflects the quality of your services. You can customize hundreds of professionally designed templates for digital and print marketing with just one click!